Reviews for Lehigh County Humane Society

“…he encouraged us to come to LCHS.”
We had to make a very difficult decision of having our Springer Spaniel “Princess” put to sleep on May 2, 2014 due to mammory gland cancer. We were devastated to say the least.

We spoke to a previous adopter and he encouraged us to come to LCHS. We immediately fell in love with Orbit. He found us. When we walked through the kennel he did not take his eyes off of my son. We loved him at first sight!

“We had an amazing experience at LCHS!”
We had an amazing experience here at LCHS. It is an excellent shelter and all the staff are very kind and helpful. We enjoyed coming here an adopting and we will share our experience with friends so they can come to adopt! Thank you!

“Good screening process.”
Good screening process, they made sure Checkers was going to a happy home. We will be back!

“Really nice people.”
Really nice people and we adopted two cats and they were so helpful in making sure our cats were taken care of and we are happy to have them!

“Highly recommend this shelter!”
My experience was wonderful. I feel in love with 2 cats here and filled my application out immediately. Everyone made the whole experience very easy and enjoyable. I’m very happy I adopted from LCHS because my cats were fixed, had shots, were microchipped and ready for me to take home.

Highly recommend this shelter!

“The facility was very clean & run in a very professional manner!”
This was a great experience! Everyone was pleasant and very helpful. The facility was very clean and run in a very professional manner. I am overall very pleased to say the least!

“The customer service was excellent!”
It was extremely difficult choosing another addition for our family, LCHS made that choice easy and pleasant. Our family is extremely excited to take Marley home. The customer service was excellent and LCHS made sure Marley was all ready to come home!

“LCHS makes it easier to be a responsible pet owner.”
I really appreciate that LCHS does the spay/neuter BEFORE the pets come home. This makes it easier to be a responsible pet owner. I am thrilled to see that the donations I’ve made are supporting these loving animals!

“It smells and looks lovely.”
I would like to commend the Lehigh County Humane Society staff located on Dixon Street for the cleanliness and care that is recognized throughout their facility. I can not express enough how much I myself appreciate as an on looker and prospective adopter how well these animals are being taken care of!

It smells and looks lovely 🙂

“LCHS is a wonderful facility.”
Lehigh County Humane Society is a wonderful facility dedicated to giving good and loving homes to the animals that are in their charge. It takes good people to care for animals that are left without a home and the employees of the Lehigh County Humane Society demonstrate their caring and compassion with every visit!

Thank you for all that you do!

“Where animals are safe and receive excellent care.”
As the Graduation Project Coordinator at Salisbury High School, I am always interested in places where the students can go to perform Community Service. Some students showed an interest in volunteering at the Humane Society but were hesitant because they had heard that animal shelters are such sad places. However, they discovered at the LCHS, the exact opposite is the case! After scrubbing food bowls, folding laundry, washing windows, walking dogs and more, we were all tired but very gratified that we had accomplished so much.

We were amazed at how much care and devotion the shelter’s workers show the animals. We were present when Wally, an abused pit bull, was finally fit enough, after a year of medical care at the shelter, to be adopted by his new family.

I hope to continue to volunteer. The Humane Society is a special place where animals are safe and receive excellent care. I saw this myself!

“Their love for animals is genuine.”
I am a student and volunteered at the Humane Society to get my Community Service hours. It was a wonderful experience! I really got to see what goes on at a humane society and learned about all of the work and money needed to keep the shelter running. When you help there, you feel that you are making a difference. I hope to return to the LCHS to continue my volunteer efforts. The love the staff puts into their work is obvious and genuine. When I am older and decide to adopt a pet, the Lehigh County Humane Society will definitely be my first choice.

“Quick application, helpful staff.”
I got my little Chihuahua min-pin there. From application to bringing her home it was less than 2 weeks. She was well treated in shelter, they took care to have my present dog visit her twice before clearing them to live together, and most importantly to me, they allow out of area adoptions. Would recommend. They do what they can on what little they have.

“They must be doing something right.”
I was a Canine MP, worked in Canine security, bred and showed pit bulls for twenty years and was so impressed with the staff at Lehigh County Humane Society that I’ve registered to be a dog walker every wed. & fri. And all the dogs there were very happy and well taken care of. The society has been up and running for 100 plus years, they must be doing something right.

“Perfectly healthy.”
I adopted my pittbull bull terrier mix from there and I just have to say she is the best dog ever! Every time I was there it was clean and my dog is perfectly healthy.