christmas-dog-cat-and-treeAs holiday excitement builds and holiday festivities increase, we need to be particularly mindful of the safety of our pets.
Here are some helpful holiday tips.

Holiday foods and leftovers
Keep a watchful eye on the holiday table and unattended plates of food. The enticing smells of holiday goodies can lead to tragic eating for a pet. Fatty, spicy foods –as well as bones- should not be fed to your pets. Gastrointestinal upsets can spell misery and worse for an animal.

Trash containers can spell trouble for an inquisitive pet. Keep the trash can lid on tightly an secure it so that, if toppled, it won’t come off! Keep it out of reach or better yet, remove the can from the area and take it outside. Rich turkey meat, bones, onions and chocolate can do enormous damage to a pet.

Christmas tree
Anchor your tree so an excited pet won’t knock it over causing injury to itself and others. Tinsel and ornaments can be very attractive to pets. Our feline friends find shiny, stringy things particularly attractive. Ribbon and yarn can also spell disaster if ingested by a curious feline! If swallowed, tinsel can obstruct the pet’s digestive tract resulting in vomiting, dehydration and other life threatening illness. Glass ornaments can cause serious injuries as well.

It’s fun to fill a Christmas stocking with gifts for a pet but choose these gifts wisely! Dogs can tear apart toys and swallow the pieces. These pieces can then create a blockage in the pet’s throat, stomach or intestines. Stick with indestructible toys such as Kong toys or Nylabones. Stuff Kong toys with healthy treats that are easily and safely digestible and provide hours of fun for your pet.

Don’t ever leave lighted candles unattended! Pets can burn themselves or cause catastrophic damage to your home if they accidentally knock over a candle!

New Year’s Eve
As you count down the minutes and prepare to watch the ball drop on Times Square, please remember that confetti, if swallowed by a cat, can lodge in the cat’s intestines perhaps leading to surgery. Noisy celebrating can also terrify pets and this fear may cause them to seek safety in places inside or outside your home that could place them in considerable danger!