Making-Headlines--element80Dear Concerned Friends:
Imagine my surprise when, just as I was getting ready for my Friday morning walk, I was greeted by a shelter volunteer and a man who was introduced as Mr. White. It seems that folks from around the country are being falsely told that I am being “held hostage” at the shelter and Mr. White, a newspaper columnist, decided to come to the Humane Society to pay me an unexpected visit and to take me for a walk.( I could tell from Mr. White’s face that he was “on a mission” and was very serious in his investigation of my well being.)

All of the animals at the Dixon Street animal shelter enjoy visitors but I must admit that I had to stifle my laughter when I heard there was a wide spread rumor that I was being held captive, was depressed and miserable and that I was supposed to have tried to escape from my kennel!
Upon hearing this alarming rumor, I thought of my dear, sweet mother ( a lady I must admit I have not seen in quite a while), who gave me heartfelt words of warning before I packed my bags and ventured out into the world on my own. She told me not to eat chocolate or raisins, to befriend others of my species,and,most Importantly, to always tell the truth.

Making-Headlines--element82With mother’s wise barks still ringing in my ears and with a decided impatience to get on with my Friday walk, I quickly informed Mr. White that I was, and have always been, well cared for and perfectly happy in my shelter home. I further told him that, although I’ve been told that my late father was greatly saddened when one of his children was sold to the next door neighbor, no one in my very large family has ever been depressed! Truthfully, I’ve been quite comfortable and contented here. ( Where else would I have my own Kuranda bed?) The food is tasty and, although I’d like to have my dinner served at three o’clock instead of four, I can’t keep my tail from wagging when I hear Jaime coming with that food cart!

Seeing that Mr. White was eager to get back to his office and knowing that the tree stump upon which he’d been sitting was making him rather uncomfortable, I stopped my chatter and promised that I would give him more of my life’s story if he decided to return for another visit. I assured him that I would keep in touch and would email him when I decided that a potentially new home for me fully met MY stringent requirements. (You can’t be too careful nowadays.)
We shook paws (Incidentally, I’m a southpaw.) and Mr.White hurried on his way.

I’ll eventually be leaving the Humane Society for a new home. I know that I’ll miss my wonderful friends (four-legged and two-legged!) on Dixon Street. I may even decide to leave my Kong Toy with my buddy Fred in the next kennel!

Love and kisses, Elsie

P.S. Having noticed me basking in my new- found popularity, some of my shelter friends have asked for my autograph. Ahhhh…such is the price of fame!

Making-Headlines--element83An Update on Elsie

Elsie extends an apology for not sending a personal letter to all of these folks who were so unnecessarily concerned about her welfare. She reports that being “a cause celebre” was fun for a while but her celebrity status and the paparazzi quickly became quite annoying. She has written to her Humane Society friends that she has a very active social life and has been consumed with “training” her new family to bow to her every whim. She has reminded us all that carving out a position in the family hierarchy as VSP (Very Special Pet) takes time but her efforts to charm her new family have been marvelously successful!

A note from the Editor:
It is indeed sad that such uproar was created around Elsie. As both columnist Bill White and New York Lexus Project’s Attorney Richard Rosenthal discovered, Elsie was never in any danger, was falsely reported as “lanquishing in her cage” and was always well cared for at the Humane Society’s animal shelter. Both gentlemen reported these truths and yet some of the Humane Society’s detractors were not satisfied with these reports.

Upon his visit to the Dixon Street shelter, Attorney Rosenthal found Elsie to be in perfect condition and the other animal residents happy and thriving! ( In fact, in a wonderful twist of circumstances, when Attorney Rosenthal made his unexpected visit to the shelter, he complimented Humane Society personnel on the condition and demeanor of our resident animals (they were happy and it showed!), the cleanliness of the facility, and the professionalism of our staff.