About-Us--element87The Lehigh County Humane Society was a pioneer in establishing the humane movement in Pennsylvania. In 1906, along with four other Humane Societies, this group organized The Federation of Pennsylvania Humane Societies. The Federation resolved to meet once per year to discuss mutual issues and to have experts in child abuse and animal welfare conduct seminars to help solve these pressing problems. To this day, over 100 years later, this group, now around 45 members strong, still meets yearly for the purpose of addressing animal welfare problems.

The services the LCHS provides for the citizens and animals of Lehigh County are many and varied. From the outset, and to the present day, The LCHS has had an open-door policy. This means that all homeless animals brought to its doors will find sanctuary. Upon entering the shelter, each animal is examined, medicated if necessary, housed and fed. Aggressive efforts are made to find each one of these animals new homes. Frequently, we collaborate with reputable adoption partners such as breed rescues and foster groups.

Some Important Things We Do For the Citizens and Animals of Lehigh County

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  • Provide food, medical care and a safe haven for abandoned and owner relinquished animals.
  • Rescue sick or injured animals-24 hours each day- seven days each week.
  • Find life-long, loving homes through our aggressive adoption program.
  • Investigate cruelty and enforce the PA Anti-Cruelty Laws.
  • Reduce pet overpopulation through our low-cost spay and neuter program.
  • Present professionally designed educational programs throughout the community.
  • Sponsor regularly scheduled low-cost vaccinations clinics.
  • Reunite lost pets with their human companions.
  • Provide dog licenses which must be purchased yearly.
  • Offer rental of humane traps for pesky wild animals.
  • Work in partnership with other humane agencies to re-home homeless animals.